11th International High Energy Materials Conference & Exhibits
HEMRL, Pune, India
23-25 Nov 2017

Call for papers

    The extended abstract for the proposed papers must be limited to 500 words. It should include statement of the problem, scope of the experimental method, brief discussion of the results obtained & important conclusions drawn. Title of the abstract should be in bold title case (font size 14). Name of the authors & their affiliation in the title case (font size 12) should follow the title. Subtitles should be in bold italic (font size 14). The text is required to be in font size of 12. Font style should be Times New Roman & line spacing should be 1.5.

    Extended abstracts of the papers may be uploaded using upload button below. Any communication regarding HEMCE-2017 may be made to hemce2017@gmail.com. Hard copy may be sent separately as reference. Papers will be selected by a panel of referees on the basis of the contents of extended abstracts. Authors of selected papers will have to submit full text in camera ready form for publication. The detailed instructions will be posted on website. Authors are required to include new and original research material. Inclusion of work published earlier need to be duly acknowledged. Authors should certify that the paper has not been presented at any Meeting/Workshop/Symposium or communicated to any journal. Abstracts & text must be unclassified. Responsibility to obtain requisite clearance from the Institution/Sponsoring Agencies rests with the author(s).

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